“Fantastic … compulsory viewing for anyone who thinks that Shakespeare’s
a) boring or b) best treated as a special heritage case”  

 Michael Coveney / Independent

“Puts the fun back into Twelfth Night 
and allows us to become participants
in a feast of misrule”  
 Michael Billington / Guardian

“Rock-and-roll Shakespeare’s a blast…
Filter is a company blessed with wit,
style and a touch of magic… The jokes are genuinely funny, the music is both
spontaneous and exciting … This irreverent and inventive Twelfth Night never
outstays its welcome … just the ticket” 

  Dominic Cavendish / Daily Telegraph


“Miraculously captures the madness at the heart of Shakespeare’s comedy.”
Michael Billington / The Guardian
“Filter’s Dream is part rock gig, part exuberant joke, exploding the conventions
of the form and remaking 
them in dazzling new shapes.”
 Claire Allfree / Metro 

“Exuberantly bonkers … each character and every minute of every scene crackles
with care 
and invention … it’s the funniest and maddest ‘Dream’ I’ve 
ever seen.”
 Andrzej Lukowski / Time Out