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With twenty-four scenes in seventy minutes and instantaneous changes of location, Faster takes you on a thrill ride through the bustle of the modern world. Will, Ben and Victoria are embroiled in an age-old love triangle, played on a bare stage at inhuman speed. They go through their day, getting up, showering, rushing through breakfast and hurrying onto the tube while the musicians – using synthesizers, percussion and guitar – dictate the tempo of the characters actions with music and sound effects, creating a rich and often comical landscape. Shifting between anguished lyricism and driving rhythms, the sounds of Faster create what one reviewer called ʻaural cinemaʼ. As the day of a crucial advertising pitch approaches, the characters struggle to cling on to their friendship, their jobs and their sense of who they are.  

Developed and premiered at London's Battersea Arts Centre in 2003, Faster toured the UK and played in Germany and New York.

Directed: Guy Retallack  
Scripted: Stephen Brown
Lighting: Guy Kornetski
Music and Sound: Chris Branch, Tom Haines, Tim Phillips
Originally Scripted by: Dawn King and Oliver Wilkinson
Cast (2003-5): Will Adamsdale, Oliver Dimsdale, Rachel Edwards, Victoria Moseley, Ferdy Roberts, Gemma Saunders, Wole Sawyerr